As Luck Would Have It


When covering political events the stage is set, by campaign staff, to produce a certain kind of image and the best you can usually do is work the angles or use an unusual technique in the hope you will come up with something that stands apart. And there’s also luck.

While covering Senator Cory Booker back in February, I had reached the point in the event where I had taken just about every shot I could think of and I was sitting on the floor waiting for something different. As it happened, I was sitting by myself on one side of the stage, while all the other photographers shooting that day were on the other side.

Suddenly, the candidate decided to step off the stage, walk into the space between the stage and the audience, and sit down right in front of me. It was so close, it felt a little strange. Now this is different, I thought. This is just one of a series of shots I got from very close range.

dean pagani