The Staff


As I mentioned in a photo essay I produced on presidential candidate Kamala Harris, the senator’s staff closely managed the details of this campaign event in Keene, New Hampshire.

I was not supposed to get this shot, or anything like it. No one was.

The room was set up with blue draping. The stage was walled off. The back stage area was supposed to remain un-seen. As I moved around looking for different angles to photograph Senator Harris, I stood on a ledge that surrounds the room and through this little sliver of space in the draping I could see her staff half listening to the speech, they’ve heard a hundred times by now, while they managed the news media, the next event and all their other campaign duties on their phones.

It’s not a journalistic coup, but I think it’s important to show scenes like this, because such an effort is made to hide the mechanics of a campaign from the public. When you can see behind the curtain - it’s worth looking.

dean pagani