Another Window View


This is one of the photos you’re just not sure what to do with.

At Keene State College in New Hampshire, there’s a room in the Student Center lots of presidential candidates use for their events. Three of its walls are mostly glass - so photographers often shoot from outside to try to get a different perspective.

During a Kamala Harris event I took this shot from outside, but decided not to use it. I find it too confusing. The blue curtain is on the inside, the brick wall is a reflection from the outside. Harris is in the middle with the microphone.

I looked at the shot over and over again as I edited a photo essay on this event, but finally decided not to use it, mainly because it looked so different from all the other shots in the final product. It was a difficult decision, because photographers are always looking for a unique perspective no one else has captured, but in this case - I just felt this photo looked out of place.

As you see however, I did find a way to use it!

dean pagani