This Decisive Moment

Dean Pagani is a photographer and writer using various styles and techniques to share stories from around the world that capture his attention.

Sometimes he succeeds and sometimes he does not, but he keeps trying.

About the Name: This Decisive Moment

In 1952, the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, published a book titled Images on the Run. The English version was re-titled The Decisive Moment.


Since then, the phrase “the decisive moment” has been important to critical thinking about photography. The phrase has been thoroughly analyzed and many interpretations have been offered as to its precise meaning, but the best definition is the one that immediately comes to mind.

The decisive moment happens when a photographer captures a scene perfectly. The photograph most often associated with Cartier-Bresson and the decisive moment depicts a man jumping through a puddle of water. Neither the click before or the click after the man reaches the apex of his leap would be considered perfect, or decisive.

D. Pagani ~ 2018



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