J. Rene


Another of my occasional series on coffee shops I wander into.

J. Rene Coffee Roasters in West Hartford, Connecticut is one of the top coffee roasting shops in New England.

The proprietor, J. Rene Martínez Onofre, is a serious student of all aspects of the coffee business. He travels extensively to coffee growing countries to learn more about production and farming. The knowledge he gains in his travel is put into his roasting techniques.

His shop is set up purposefully to encourage interaction between customers and build a sense of community. There is no WiFi access and limited art work on the walls. The goal is to nudge people toward conversation with friends as well as strangers.


I find this shop an excellent place to think and write, especially on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It’s bright and airy and in the winter the sun shines through the large plate glass windows, warming the main room.


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