George Ruhe 1951-2018


I got to know George Ruhe when I worked in state government in Connecticut. He was a stringer for the New York Times. George died in an accident on Lake Champlain in Vermont last fall.

During one of my recent reporting trips to New Hampshire I was reminded of George as I watched other photographers work the scene looking for the one shot no one else could get. It is likely they all succeeded and failed at the same time since it is difficult to get a unique shot at an event staged by political operatives.

George was dedicated to his craft, was passionate about issues of right and wrong in life, and free flowing with his strong opinions. During a difficult period in my life, though we weren’t close, he took the time to explain to me why I had nothing to be concerned about except my own principles and personal integrity.

In the debate among news photographers over Canon vs. Nikon, George came down squarely on Leica. He was both old school and modern and I have been meaning to share some additional thoughts on his life and some of his Instagram work - in this essay.