Park Ave. ~ NYC

Park Ave. ~ NYC


My week began Sunday in Littleton, New Hampshire covering a campaign stop by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

As I mentioned in Monday’s essay, the Democrats running for president must decide how to handle the issue of the sitting president. Do you challenge him on policy, or confront him on his behavior? As is usually the case with President Trump there is a divide. In Gillibrand’s case she has decided to make Trump himself an issue. A challenge the American people must deal with.

As she described the many ways in which she believes President Trump is hurting the nation, her voice cracked at the edge of emotion.

There are many troubling points about the Trump presidency, but one of the most troubling is how one man has found a way to be at the absolute center of the world’s attention. He invades our lives and our debates at every level imaginable. He has managed to be ubiquitous. That appears to be his main goal.

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